Darla - The GOODEST shop dog ever.
Meet Darla ... the Goodest Shop Dog Ever!

Shane's Grains is a husband-and-wife team from Lusby, Maryland, creating and selling a variety of acrylic and wooden gifts at every price point that elegantly blend beauty, form, and function. Though Shane was no stranger to woodworking, the idea of crafting goods on a lathe was a daunting one... until he had a chance to try it! Not long after the purchase of Shane’s first lathe, Shane and CK began experimenting with pouring their own resin blanks to be turned on the lathe to form the base piece of each creation.

Since December 2020, we’ve been crafting pens, pencils, rings, barrettes, bookmarks, wine stoppers, ornaments, bowls, keychains, ice cream scoops, seasonal lanterns, and more; our product selection is always expanding!

Our business is rooted in several beliefs:

  • Working closely with clients who are searching for the perfect gift or placing custom orders is awesome; that collaboration is an invaluable step in our artistic process.
  • Avocations (aka, passion-based side-hustles) are wonderful; we love what we do, and we’ll happily talk shop with anyone who expresses curiosity or interest, regardless of whether you buy from us.
  • Gifts are enjoyable to give (including when we treat ourselves to a gift every now and again); knowing that our creations can bring a smile to others makes us happy!
  • We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship: if a customer isn’t satisfied, neither are we.
  • Small businesses support one another; we do our best to support other small business owners by purchasing many of our product materials from other small businesses.
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